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FAQs about Ashoka's Community Greens


  • What is Ashoka’s Community Greens?                                
  • What is ACG’s mission?                                                           
  • What are the benefits of Community Greens?                                                                               
  • What other technical terms should I be aware of?                                                                                                                             There is no definite or exhaustive list of technical terms but the following are terms that are frequently encountered in the "Green" litterature.
    • Community Greens
    • Community Gardens
    • Green (sustainable) building
    • Urban Farming
    • Food systems
    • Urban Sprawl
    • New Urbanism
    • The Commons
    • Weatherization
    • Gentrification

  1. What has ACG been focusing on lately?

    Community Greens has spearheaded the Alley Gating and Alley Greening Project in Baltimore City. After a city ordinance was passed which allows neighborhoods to gate and green their alleys, CG launched a pilot project in the Patterson Park neighborhood of Baltimore. The neighborhood unanimously signed on and became the first neighborhood to be gated and greened.

    Community Greens involvement ranged from helping the ordinance getting passed to providing resources and support to the people to reach the required number of signatories (80% of the people living in the neighborhood directly annexed to the alley have to agree to gate and green it. If they wish to do it in such a way that no vehicle can access the alley, the whole neighborhood needs to agree). Community Greens also assisted the neighborhoods to fundraise for acquiring and putting up the gates.

    Community Greens currently works in close collaboration with the Deparment of Public Works of Baltimore to process applications to gate and green alleys from other neighborhoods in Baltimore.

    Check out our Alley Gating and Alley Greening page for more information.

  2. The Alley Gating project sounds great! How successful has the project been?

    Since the first pilot project in 2006, 3 more alleys have been gated and greened and 3 footpaths have been created. There are currently over 72 applications that are being considered with at least 25 of them with a near certainty of being completed.

    Several challenges still remain. The process of collecting signatures is very taxing and the presence of many absentee landlords only make it harder to meet the minimum 80% mark. The whole process is hence lengthy and Community Greens is currently finding ways in which to make the process easier.

    Check out our Alley Gating and Alley Greening page for more information.

  3. Is Baltimore the only city where ACG has started alley-gating?

    Yes. However, Community Greens has been exploring other cities like Miami. ACG has also placed interns in LA, where Alley Gating and Alley Greening has also picked up. In addition, Washington D.C. is looking into greening alleys (no gating).

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