Interning with Community Greens

Internship Opportunities with Ashoka’s Community Greens Initiative

Community Greens Associate

 (1 opening)

Location: Arlington, VA

Description:  Ashoka’s Community Greens is located at the Ashoka Global office, in Arlington, Virginia. Surrounded by teams of changemakers and innovators, the global office provides the best setting to run most of Community Greens activities.  

The Community Greens Associate’s responsibilities include:

  • Work directly with ACG Director Kate Herrod and with the Ashoka’s marketing department.
  • Help maintain and manage the new Community Greens’ website.
  • Manage online discussion forums
  • Be involved in fundraising for Community Greens
  • Develop new partnerships to spread the Community Greens concept to other cities

An effective, personable and energetic team player.  Ashoka seeks people who are flexible, fast learners and innovative.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills, superior attention to detail and organization are required. Web management skill is recommended, though not necessary.

Deadline: on going

What Ashoka interns say:

"I really value the time I spent working as a Community Greens Summer Associate at Ashoka. As an Environmental Science and Management master's student, I was able to explore my interests in urban planning and low impact development. Kate provided me with guidance when I needed it, but also gave me room to pursue my own projects. She made a real effort to develop an internship experience that would be both fun and professionally valuable.” 
~ Katie Riley (Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UCSB '10)

Interning with Ashoka’s Community Greens at the global office has been one of the most exciting and inspiring experiences I’ve had. Kate Herrod sees to it that the intern gets to be involved in almost everything that he/she is interested in.  Being at the global office also opens up to more exciting opportunities and I am really glad that I got to be involved with the bigger Ashoka family. As an apprentice social entrepreneur, I was really looking forward to getting a better understanding of the social entrepreneurship world and to also learn how a non-profit organization is run, but I certainly took more than just that away from my summer internship with Community Greens.
~Veda Sunassee (Princeton University ‘10)


Baltimore Alley Gating & Alley Greening Fall Associate (1 opening) 

Location: Baltimore, MD

Description: Ashoka’s Community Greens has spearheaded the Alley Gating and Alley Greening Initiative in Baltimore City. Community Greens helped pass an ordinance by the city to allow neighborhoods to gate and green their alleys with a view to building safe communities and creating green communal spaces.

 The Baltimore Alley Gating Fall Associate’s responsibilities include:

  • Working directly with the Department of Public Works to help process applications to green and gate alleys.
  • Outreach to Baltimore neighborhoods to explain the Alley Gating model.
  • Assist residents with community organizing and application processing.
  • Provide neighborhood leadership training.
  • Provide support to neighborhoods to speed up the application process.

Qualifications: An effective, personable and energetic team player.  Ashoka seeks people who are flexible, fast learners and innovative.  Excellent verbal and written communication skills, superior attention to detail and organization are required. Familiarity with the Baltimore neighborhood is ideal, though not necessary. Access to a vehicle is highly recommended. 

What Ashoka interns say:

"Working with Ashoka’s Community Greens has been a great experience! People at Ashoka are passionate about their work and have a lot of confidence in their interns. I greatly appreciate the responsibility and freedom that I have been given to use my own ideas at work.
One of my main responsibilities was assisting Baltimore City’s Alley Gating and Greening initiative during summer 09. My activities involved working with the Department of Public Works, developing outreach materials and trainings sessions for neighborhoods, and helping to strength the ties between the Alley Gating and Greening initiative and several Baltimore City agencies and organizations. All these activities have helped me obtain many skills that are hard to learn in a classroom.
~ Daniela Martinez (Post Graduate student, Johns Hopkins University)

How to Apply:
 Please include the following information with your application:

  • A resume
  • A letter telling us who you are and why you are interested in joining Ashoka and the internship you have identified, touching on your:
    • Intrapreneurship/Entrepreneurship—creative problem-solving and initiative;
    • Collegiality—teamwork and positive attitude;
    • Ethical Fiber—conscious dedication to ethical behavior and empathy for others;
    • Innovation for the Public—social innovation as a deep personal interest and commitment.
  • Please include a paragraph each on the following questions:
    • Have you launched and sustained innovative ideas for social change?
    • What is your vision for change in your field of interest?

Deadline: on ongoing