What We Do

Ashoka's Community Greens (ACG) sees itself as playing four major roles. In line with its mission statement, It first seeks to catalyze the development of green spaces inside residential neighborhoods. Since it has been founded, ACG has been concentrating most of its efforts in Baltimore City, starting the Alley Gating and Greening Initiative.

Secondly, ACG seeks to raise awareness about the Community Greens model, by creating outreach programs. ACG has offered presentations all over the country to explain the concept of Community Greens.

ACG also acts as a resource for individuals, groups and neighborhoods interested in community greens. This website features most of those resources.

Finally, ACG also provides a platform for interested parties to interact, exchange ideas and knowledge and share their experiences. The website provides online forums for such discussions. ACG also facilitates meetings and events for people who have an interest in the community greens.

Essentially, Ashoka's Community Greens promotes the greening of neighborhoods by building and stregthening communities who then take on the initiative, hence "community greens."

Alley Gating and Greening

Awareness and Outreach

Provide Resources for Practitioners

Build Communities of Practitioners